Sow Exotic opened online in the spring of 2016 with the mission to grow and provide the most diverse catalog of useful exotic plants the world had ever seen. Our mission was, and still is, to transform the modern landscape from mundane and useless to an edible, colorful, thriving oasis ripe with nutrition and endless possibility where something new is always in season and fresh food can be picked daily.  

Our 2-acre nursery, biointensive food forest, and certified wildlife habitat located in the heart of Florida, is an almost entirely edible landscape filled with all of the plants you see here and more, as well as a seasonal vegetable garden. All of our plants are grown naturally with zero chemical fertilizers and are completely GMO-free.  


Plants & Products

Shop 1,000's of healthy plants lovingly and naturally grown at the Sow Exotic nursery.  New to the family is a growing collection of  gardening supplies and a new line of apparel for plant lovers!

Edible Landscaping

Sow Exotic specializes in helping homeowners, schools, cities and organizations create beautiful dynamic edible landscapes.  Our Edible Landscaping services include Consultation, Design, Preparation, Installation, and Maintenance.

Workshops & Events

More than online plant shop.  Join us for any of our local and regional events, from Succulent Buffets and activities to seasonal plant sales, and beyond.  Drop us a line to suggest an event or presentation. 

The Beginning

Driven by the goal to share our growing collection of rare fruiting and medicinal plants,  we launched Sow Exotic online with just 25 different varieties, sown and grown in this little glass greenhouse.  But what started as an outlet for our gardening passion quickly grew into much more than just selling a few plants online. 

We quickly outgrew our humble glasshouse but our passion for connecting people with the earth and their botanical heritage remains the same.  Sow Exotic now proudly offers more than 200 varieties (and growing!)  of exotic edible, medicinal, fruiting, and flowering plants from around the world.


In a society where the large majority of people are conditioned to eating mostly processed foods, we believe part of the solution is encouraging our community to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients, some of which can be grown in their own neighborhoods. Your purchase helps grow school gardens through our Giving Gardens program.  

Together we can Sow & Share

We developed the Giving Gardens program because we believe that school and community gardens are truly an amazing educational resource for nutrition, food diversity, and character development.  We work with schools and community leaders to design edible landscapes and thriving garden programs.  Because of your support, we are able to donate some of the plants they need to get started.