Heat Packs: 96 Hour Mega Shipping Warmer

Heat Packs: 96 Hour Mega Shipping Warmer

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Essential for Shipping Tropical Plants to Colder Climates

Don't let Mother Nature slow down your garden plans!  With our new 96 Hour Heat Pack in your shipping box, your plants will arrive safe and warm, with no risk of freezing on the way to your front door. These Heat Packs are ideal for our 1-3 Day USPS Priority Shipping. For orders exceeding six or more plants, we recommend purchasing additional Heat Packs.

  • Designed for reliable and continuous heat release for 96 hours
  • Provides a minimum warmer surface temperature of 100 
  • Environmentally safe with nontoxic ingredients. 

Sow Exotic ships year-round. We are not liable for cold damage to plants for orders shipping to freezing climates (below 32 degrees) without a Heat Pack. Please order Heat Pack or email us immediately after order placement to request a custom winter weather hold.

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