Organic Poultry Compost 5-2-1

Organic Poultry Compost 5-2-1

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The use of poultry compost dates back thousands of years, to the ancient paradox of the chicken or the egg debate. Before humanity domesticated the birds we know as chickens today, Red Junglefowl roamed about, contributing to the thriving biodiverse nature of Asian countries. Using poultry manure for composting and fertilizer is still one of the most effective and affordable ways to get nutritous garden soil. Its gentle-but-effective NPK levels are great for vegetables, flowers or herbs and even house plants. This will not burn young transplants. It can be used dry, or mixed with water for wet applications.
  • Analysis: 5-2-1
  • Gentle yet super effective
  • 5 pound bag
How to use Poultry Compost: 
Can be added wet or dry. When added dry, wet plant beds can help with absorption and avert dust issues. You can add Poultry Compost to soil or fertilizer before planting, or work small amounts directly onto soil surface. 

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